About Razia Kunj

Razia Kunj is an artisanal jewellery designer and artist. A graduate in applied arts, for the most part of her life Razia Kunj has been fashioning the success of brands. She has spent many years in advertising designing logos, packagings and ad campaigns for some of India’s leading brands before starting her own advertising agency, thought blurb, with her husband. What started as a two people boutique creative hot shop in 2007 is now an award-winning agency spanning two cities – Mumbai and Kochi.
Today, Razia has turned her attention to designing contemporary fashion. Her first foray in this outing is a line of jewellery that redefines the old art of personal ornamentation.

Art you can wear

From as long as she can remember, working with her hands and experimenting with different mediums has been a passion for Razia. Deeply influenced by the art, culture, and architecture of India, Razia has always attempted to make art a part of the design. The large canvas held her in awe but it was always the smaller canvas that she excelled in. Wearable art continues to be Razia’s theme and she will be experimenting with more graphic forms. From recycling to conservation, to pop art, Razia has a slew of ideas each of which will form an individual collection. She does not believe in mass manufacturing. So, each jewelry line has limited pieces, each of them painstakingly designed by her, hand painted and crafted by her team of artists.