Artisanal Jewelry Designer – Mumbai, India


The jewellery is inspired by art from the walls of galleries, temples, Indian folklore, dance form and tribal art from India. These unique, handmade wooden jewellery have inspiring stories that come alive in the form of art through brushstrokes. Razia Kunj stands at the crossroads of art and everyday life. A unique interpretation with an attempt to bring India closer to the world, it is a culmination of a series of experiments with shrinking the canvas where art meets fashion. It’s a humble attempt to give art a new destination – from the walls of galleries and temples, from the pages of Indian folklore, from dance forms and tribal art, from forgotten nook and crannies of rural India and hand it to men and women as a form of adornment! So a Krishna can be playing a baasuri right under your ears, as an earring, while the doors of a Haveli open to the world in the form of a necklace.

From rudraksh beads to Swarovski, from cotton cords to treated metal, every material used in the making of this wooden jewellery collection is carefully chosen and painstakingly crafted to bring out the exquisiteness of every piece. Every collection sees the light of the day after months of research and hard work. Each jewellery line is individually designed, hand painted and crafted by a team of artists. Explore this collection of wooden jewellery online for handmade wooden earrings, wooden bangles, wooden necklaces and more.