Handmade & Painted Wooden Bangles

One of a kind handmade wooden bangles, the rich colour and intricate patterns are a fusion of art and dance inspired from India. Dedicated to creating unique designs, every collection of handpainted bangles from Razia Kunj Arts and Facts dictates a story. The magnificence of the various headgears worn by Theyyam performers is brought alive by vibrant colours and exquisite embellishments. Owing to its inspiration, each design lends itself an ethnic touch and is set apart by the attention given to every minute detail. Red dominates the colour palette as it’s the closest association to Theyyam and wood is the chosen medium for it’s the best canvas. These wooden bangles can brighten up any attire and can be paired with western wear as well. They make for the perfect accessory to be worn with a traditional saree and blouse as well as with a black turtleneck and blue denim.

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