Handmade Wooden Bracelets

Strung together with tulsi beads, rudraksh and vermillion glass beads, the handmade wooden bracelets are painted in vibrant colours of yellow, red and white. For those who like to keep it minimal, these wooden bracelets from Razia Kunj Arts and Facts’ Moksha collection are the ultimate go-to accessory. A tribute to the three-eyed God Shiva, these multilayered bracelets exude a sense of calm yet at the same time celebrate the ecstasy of devotion. Made of materials and in colours deeply associated with Lord Shiva, these handcrafted wooden bracelets will make sure all eyes are on your wrist, if not on you. And one need not be a devout worshipper to flaunt these but a mere lover of art. Wear it and watch an elated dance take form on your wrists, but we must warn you, the audience would be too big for it’s a show no one would like to miss.

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