Womens Handmade Wooden Earrings

Ear jackets, shoulder kissers, chandeliers…Razia Kunj Arts and Facts comes with diverse models of wooden earrings. Taking inspiration from the colourful corners of this fascinating country, India, each pair of these earrings are handcrafted and has a story to tell if you look close enough. Be it the rudraksh-knotted pair named after Lord Shiva’s earrings or the ones inspired by the attire of a Theyyam artist, every piece is unique in itself and is a spectacle of details that otherwise go unnoticed. And it’s nothing else but these details that bring alive the stories behind the inspiration for each handcrafted earrings in all their glory.

Handmade wooden earrings for women crafted with love, each design is painted in vibrant colours of red, yellow and green and in subtle spiritual shades to adorn the persona of a man and a woman. Rudraksh, cotton thread, cotton cords, wood, gold plated metal, metal wires, wood, silver plated crystals, gold finish brass, glass beads and more come together to create these visual feasts.

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